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Buying and selling goods, bringing manufacturers and buyers together is our business. Our market is international commodity trade, and our primary focus is on developing medium-sized businesses in each of the more than 12 countries in which we have a presence. Language differences, country differences in business processes, legal and contractual peculiarities, as well as payment barriers and currency fluctuations often cause mid-sized companies to miss out on profitable business deals with huge volumes. The Victorum Group with its excellent network and first-class infrastructure is the solution for you as well!


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Trade by connecting companies - We call it TRONNECTING
Pre-financing of production

The ability to pre-finance the production of goods represents an important milestone in international trade. Our network partners Victorum Capital Inc.

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Are you a manufacturer looking for additional customers for your products? Especially in markets that are new to you? Welcome to our website!

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We are logistic professionals and maintain partnerships with first-class suppliers.

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Raw materials are the fuel for the prosperity of our society. We are also specialists in the procurement of specialty commodities.

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Raw Materials

Are you used to high marketing and location costs in exporting (sales)? That was yesterday - starting today, we'll do it for you:

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International business, especially in foreign cultures, requires a very good knowledge of the respective regions. We speak the appropriate languages and feel at home in these countries. Our employees know no barriers.

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Based on our daily market analysis and the ongoing exchange of views within the international Victorum network, it is possible to identify the needs ...

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Exporting goods is a difficult task for many medium-sized companies. With Victorum-Group at your side, you can enjoy the "all inclusive" and ...

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Our offices in Europe, CIS and China are another unique advantage of the Victorum Group. This gives you the opportunity to enter new markets with Victorum's free support.

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Buyers of solded goods also benefit from Victorum Group's full service. No risk and no additional costs.

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Victorum GmbH [email protected] +49 661 97429003

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